Sony FMP-X10 4K UHD Media Player


Owners of UHD TVs soon discover that the selection of 4K movies and content in general is currently very limited. However, there is a particular solution for this issue. Namely, the Sony FMP-X10 is a media player that delivers more 4K content than any other topbox. Even more, a recent update frees the Sony media player from Sony-only TV use … Read More

blognl44Sony FMP-X10 4K UHD Media Player

JVC Announces Its First 4K/UHD TV


  Like pretty much everyone else in the field of electronics, JVC is interested to make the move to UHD television technology and it’s expected to present its first 65-inch DM65USR 4K TV. The TV should be priced at $2,000 and it’s about to go on showroom floors in stores around the US in the following few weeks. This 4K … Read More

blognl44JVC Announces Its First 4K/UHD TV

Panasonic Creating ‘Plasma-like’ 4K TVs


After much speculation by many 4K-fans, Panasonic just today announced the release of two of its most expected, biggest and highest performing 4K TVs to date. According to the Twice media service, the company’s massive 85-inch AX850 could run at $14,000, while its smaller brother, the 65-inch AX900, may cost as much as $7,000. The massive AX850 is the monster … Read More

blognl44Panasonic Creating ‘Plasma-like’ 4K TVs

Netflix’s 4K Price Increase Is a Huge Mistake?


  It is fairly safe to say that Netflix has done pretty good for its company and development of their video streaming services in general. Since Netflix started to offer online movie rentals back in 1997, Netflix has remarked itself as a pioneer in the industry of unlimited rentals for a low monthly subscription cost. Since then, Netflix boasts nearly … Read More

blognl44Netflix’s 4K Price Increase Is a Huge Mistake?

How actually Vizio managed to make a $999 4K TV?


  When the Vizio introduced their P-series LCD sets, they did something most other LCD manufacturers didn’t: they made buying a 4K UHD TV seem rather affordable and enticing. Even more, Vizio’s P-series won Editor’s Choice award. The winner of the 2014 CES Editor’s choice award is a Smart TV that offers UltraFlix through the Vizio App Plus SmartTV Platform. … Read More

blognl44How actually Vizio managed to make a $999 4K TV?

Netflix’s New Users Will Have to Pay Premium Price for 4K content


Video on-demand is surely an expensive business and many technologies and tech sectors are involved. Even more, due to the incredible amount of online bandwidth required to stream just one movie, not many can survive in this business. Netflix is probably the most popular and the fastest video streaming service. For only a few dollars a month you get access … Read More

blognl44Netflix’s New Users Will Have to Pay Premium Price for 4K content