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The last section of this website is about cheap 4K televisions and it is section that is here for everyone who does not have lot of money, but still want to watch movies, TV shows and sports in the highest possible quality. It is good to know that there are already many manufacturers who creates these televisions for low price in very high quality. You dont need to spend your whole monthly salary on television and still enjoy the best resolution ever.

UHD is new term and that is the reason why so many does not know exactly what does it mean. Do not worry, it is in fact pretty simple and after reading this short article you will know exactly what UHD is.

UHD is in fact not just one format, but it includes two formats. In past companies used the term 4K, but during International CES 2013 they agreed that they will be using new term Ultra High Definition. But this new term will be used for both formats, former 4K and also 8K.

Resolution for 4K UHD TV is 3840×2160, for 8K UHD (or UHD2) televisions it will be amazing 7680 x4320 (that is 33.2 megapixels, which 16 times more than classic HD we use these days). That means that at your home you will have screen that has almost the same resolution as IMAX.

Even classic 4K UHD is absolutely amazing. In fact people who have seen already UHD televisions usually says, that it is like looking out of window. If you will not come really just few inches from the screen, you just cannot see the pixel, because they are so small. What you see looks absolutely real. Well, even classic HD looks amazing on smaller screens like 32″. That is probably the reason why we cannot expect that UHD TVs will be available in these smaller sizes. The reason is also that people do not want smaller screens anymore. In 2011 for example was 32″ screens most popular, but now people buys more 40″ and 42″, but even as huge as 50″ are getting more and more popular. I think these are exactly the sizes that are perfect for UHD and most of ultra HD screens will be of this size.

This all happened two years ago and now (2015) and the truth is that more people are still using the unofficial name for these TVs and that is 4K. It is really funny that even all the big companies agreed to use one name for this standard, but customers still used different term. That is the reason why now so many people are confues, since there are still two terms and many people does not know that UHD and 4K means the same thing. There are already many articles on this site (after more than two years there is around 100 articles) and me and all people who participates on this website use both terms, so please don’t be confused since it means the same thing.