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Virtual Reality Headset Oculus Rift Will Use UHD Display

Oculus Rift

I can’t describe with words how much do I look forward to Oculus Rift virtual reality device. If you have never heard about Oculus Rift, you can find more info about this very promising device here.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset (design concept)

Now creators of this device announced that they want to add UHD displays in future which will probably take whole experience of virtual reality to mich higher level. Most likely the first generation of Oculus Rift will not have UHD displays, but it is good to know that the creators wants to add them. I cant even imagine how awesome experience will it be with UHD.



LG and Samsung Unveils First Curved UHD OLED Displays

samsung worlds first curved uhd tv

In past few years we have seen really great fight in the field of display technology between two big companies LG and Samsung and apperently this fight continues. When two such big companies fights its of course always good for us customers, because it means we can get new technology sooner and cheaper. This time the fight is over curved UHD OLED displays.

LG 77 inch curved UHD OLED TV

LG 77 inch curved UHD OLED TV

This year at IFA LG unveiled this amazing world’s largest ultra HD OLED TV which has 77″ curved display. LG says that they like to push the boundaries and to explore new possibilites and this TV looks like just the best example. Well this TV which LG showed IFA was something like concept car we know from motor shows and not commercial product, but it is for sure that in few months or year we will some similar product in LGs commercial line. Well you can be sure about one thing, when you consider prizes of OLED displays and UHD displays, it will be very very expensive, but I’m sure we all would like to have this curved beauty at our living rooms.

Samsung worlds first curved uhd tv

Samsung worlds first curved uhd tv

Samsung of course do not want to let LG win this fight easily so at the same IFA show last month they unveiled their own curved 55″ UHD OLED television and also classic curved 65″ UHD and because they also want to have something what is “world’s” they call it “world’s first curved UHD OLED TV and world’s first curved UHD TV 65″. Well, we could argue if LG or Samsung were really first, but I guess it does not matter, both TVs looks really amazing and it is great that in future it will be possible to decide if you want flat or curved TV, because there are definetely many uses, like simulators or work stations where curved displays will be much better than flat screen, however I really do not know if I wanted to have curved screen as main TV in living room where sometimes you watch TV from different angles or you are not the only person that is watching it. Well, it does not matter, both screen looks good and its great will the that possibility.

UHD Blu-ray discs already in production


As you are probably aware of, current Blu-ray disc we use are not capable to store Ultra HD content, technically they just do not have enough space for whole movie in Ultra High Definition. Well, that is going to change now.
New Blu-ray discs will have three layers and will be used for Ultra HD 4K content. The trend nowadays is that everything is online, but because there are still many places where you cannot get fast internet connection I’m sure that at least for few more years there will still be people who will buy movies and TV shows on Blu-ray discs, so these are really great news for all fans of 4K.
Company called Singulus claims to be providing already machine technology to support the new high storage capacity, three layer Blu-ray discs. Singulus BLULINE III should be able to print a 4K movie onto to a single triple layer Blu-ray disc with capacity up to 100 gigabytes.
Our source says that these discs are in fact already being made, but what is still not sure is that if current Blu-ray players are able to play these next generation Blu-ray three layer discs. I’m no expert on Blu-ray discs, but I think that you will probably need new player for these new discs, but nothing is official so far. When these discs will be available is also unknown.

UHD Movies And Shows Available For Download From Sony’s Video Unlimited 4K

Sony Video Unlimited

Something what many of us has been waiting for is finally here, because just last week Sony launched its UHD download service. So if you have Sony Ultra HD TV and Sony media player capable of playing UHD (which is now only Sony FMP-X1) you can now finally watch movies and shows in 4K.
Initially this download service offers more than 70 movies and shows in UHD, by the end of this year there will be more than 100 movies and shows in Ultra HD available for download. Sony is leader in UHD technology so it is no surprise that Sony is first to bring Ultra HD content available for download.
“Sony Pictures has been working in 4K for several years,” said Chris Cookson, president of Sony Pictures Technologies. “4K mastering and restoration allows us to capture and convey more of the information from a film’s original 35mm negative, while new 4K cameras like the F65 offer higher resolution and expanded color palettes to help us create ever-more immersive experiences for audiences in theaters and at home.” said about UHD Sony Electronics president Phil Molyneux.
Some of the movies and TV shows you can download from Video Unlimited in Ultra HD are

The Amazing Spider-Man
Bad Teacher
The Karate Kid
The Other Guys
Battle: Los Angeles
That’s My Boy
Total Recall 2012
Taxi Driver
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Breaking Bad

These UHD movies are of course not small files, according to Sony, thanks to new HEVC codec one movie in 4K has now 45-60 gigabytes and in future new compression technologies will further reduce size of these files to approximately half. Without fast internet connection it would not be probably very comfortable to use this service.
Price for one movie is $8 for 24 hours rental or $30 to buy.

LG “End Of The World” Job Interview Prank With Ultra HD TV LG 84LM960V

lg prank ad uhd meteorite job interview

In new TV commercial from Chile we can see that guys from LG has really great (and also pretty cruel) sense of humor.

Imagine that you go to job interview to some building that has really nice view to the city and you can see that nice view behind the interviewer while applying for a job. While taking this interview which itself of course make you nervous enough you see how meteorite hits the city and you can be sure that in just few seconds you are probably going to die. That is really something what you would not like if it happened to you, but when it happens to someone else, it is of course great fun and of course great commercial with huge viral potential.

lg prank ad uhd meteorite job interview

All of this would not be impossible with old technology, but now when we have Ultra HD televisions like LG 84LM960V, it is possible. First people who saw UHD screens in action often described it as “looking out of window”, well apparently sometimes when you look out of window you can see some pretty scary stuff, especially if that window is fake :)

LG Drops Prices Too


Just yesterday we informed you, that two major companies manufacturing UHD televisions, Sony and Samsung decided to cut prices of their Ultra HD models. The response from LG was really fast, because yesterday they announced that their 55 inch model 55LA9700 will be sold for $4.999 ($1000 down) and their 65 inch model 65LA9700 will be sold for $6.499 ($1500 down).