California-based Vu targets India market


California-based 4K TV manufacturer, Vu Televisions, yesterday announced the launch of its 55-inch and 50-inch UHD TVs in India. Furthermore, this company decided to partner with Snapdeal and claims that their new 4K TV sets are available almost half the price of the same devices manufactured by Samsung and Sony. Namely, the Vu’s 55-inch model should be available at the … Read More

blognl44California-based Vu targets India market

First OLED ultra-high-definition TVs from LG


LG Electronics, the South Korean giant, announced the last week they are now selling the world’s first OLED TV based on 4K high definition standard, or, 3840 x 2160-pixel resolution. There are two sets offered in different sizes. The first set is available in 77-inch screen size and the second set is available in 65-inch screen size. Both sets will … Read More

blognl44First OLED ultra-high-definition TVs from LG

Great news: Amazon To Start Streaming 4K Movies Soon


There are some excellent news for all 4K lovers. Namely, Samsung and Amazon announced a deal that will enable Samsung’s 4K UHD TVs to deliver Amazon-delivered UHD (Ultra High Definition) streams from October this year. To be more precise, this announcement has been held at IFA Berlin, where Samsung has unveiled a new partnership with Amazon to strengthen its 4K … Read More

blognl44Great news: Amazon To Start Streaming 4K Movies Soon

Sony’s first curved 4K TV: S90


Top tier 4K TV brands LG, Samsung, Sony, as well as Chinese makers TCL and Seiki are all plotting to become the name plate that adorns your new 4K TV. While these Chinese brands like Seiki and TCL compete from the bottom-up setting low price points, several other companies like LG and Samsung are trying to innovate stuff and come … Read More

blognl44Sony’s first curved 4K TV: S90

Things You Should Know Before You Buy a 4K TV

HOC 4K-580-100

Now that you have finally outfitted most rooms in your house with a big HD TV, there is a new thing on the market being touted as the next big thing everyone should have one day: 4K TV. It sounds cool, but it sounds even cooler when you realize that 4K TV comes with super-detailed images that have 4 times … Read More

blognl44Things You Should Know Before You Buy a 4K TV

How The World Cup was the Biggest Experiment for 4K and 8K Broadcasting


Culminating in a few weeks ago exciting final match between Germany and Argentina, the World Cup was not just exciting for soccer fans, but an important test for 4K broadcasting future – even though nobody was not able to watch the 4K broadcast in their homes. Let’s start off with the Japanese giant Sony. Sony transmitted Germany-Argentina World Cup final, … Read More

blognl44How The World Cup was the Biggest Experiment for 4K and 8K Broadcasting